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Hunter & Bard

And knows how design and messaging can help you sell


A strong brand helps you get leads easier and close deals faster. Only 35% of B2B companies are rated to have a strong brand – which means your company could be losing out on mindshare, awareness, and deals even though your product is brilliant.

Hunter & Bard is a public relations and design agency that builds up your brand. Public relations is the fastest way to build up a wide awareness of your product or service. Of course, once someone knows who you are, they look to see what you do – hence the design side. Having a total consistent message, look, and feel aligns a company and builds trust in your prospects, making deals close up to 30% faster.

We understand the enterprise market and the sales process. If you're an enterprise that needs extra services or a mid-size startup looking to go up market, we can help you.
If you don’t have patience and want a ton of fake followers overnight with no real conversion – please move on. Hunter & Bard will not see you now.
Hunter & Bard sees how product, sales, partnerships and marketing are interconnected and need to work together to create a market leading brand - we will work with you to turn your company into an iconic leader.


People don’t just buy because of the product. They buy because they trust your product to be right for their needs. That trust is your brand value. Great brands lead markets.

We understand the importance of message and design, and we know how powerful a strong brand is. Our customers have had consistently good results from our branding and marketing strategy – proving it works. (Maybe because we’re good at it.) Plus, we love it.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we work with companies who feel the same.

Is your brand helping you sell?


Across a crowded room– your customers need to be able to find you and
have a reason to come back. Our team understands the digital
landscape and knows how to get your company remembered.


Shira Abel founded Hunter & Bard in May 2011 and serves as its CEO. Before Hunter & Bard, Shira was the Director of Marketing at Aniboom and doubled the revenues from its commercial YouTube channel by changing its methodology of engagement via social marketing.

Shira abel


Autumn specializes in public relations. Her 15+ years in communications across a variety of industries has provided her with an innovative approach and unique perspective to integrated marketing. Autumn is passionate about brand storytelling, and strives to maximize her customers’ brand awareness through creative strategies across channels including digital, print and television. Excellent communication skills, both written and interpersonal, paired with extreme self-motivation and creativity have propelled Autumn into the social influencer sphere and continue to contribute to her success in the public relations industry. She holds a masters degree in Training and Development from the University of North Texas. Autumn is an honorary foodie and loves going to restaurant and popup events, as well as spending time with her family.

Autumn Reo


Aisha specializes in all things public relations, especially people. She knows how to get their attention and engage them in a meaningful way. Her background in psychology, art and teaching provide her with a unique and creative perspective, which reflects through her work. She loves to write and create exciting content and is constantly looking to expand her knowledge and skills. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Public Policy from University of California, Berkeley. Reading and writing are huge passions of Aisha’s, as well as painting and exploring nature with her pitbull Nala.

Aisha Arif


Jarrett is an interdisciplinary scholar and problem solver. Completing his degree in Chemical Engineering with a focus in Business Management and minor in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at the University of California Berkeley, Jarrett brings an analytical mindset to decision making and developing solutions. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Jarrett enjoys spending his time reading, conducting self-development, attending conferences, and leading others. Current interests include social/emotional intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, system design, and social entrepreneurship.     

Jarrett Duran

Content Marketer

Leda Necheva joined Hunter & Bard in September 2015 and is the Head of Branding and Design.

Leda has years of experience in design and it’s multiple aspects – from UI and UX design through brand and corporate identity to industrial design projects. She has worked with dozens of companies over the years, bringing clarity of purpose..

Leda Necheva


Riccardo Fedeli joined Hunter & Bard in August 2015 and is the Director of Web Development.

After studying for degrees in Computer Science, Riccardo has worked as Director for a digital agency, Director of Creative Innovation for a renewable energy company, journalist and editor, international business development and branding consultant.

Outside Hunter & Bard, Riccardo loves to sleep.

Riccardo Fedeli


Matthew specializes in writing compelling content that resonates with his audience. His passion for learning and technology drives him to truly grasp industry trends, which is evident in his writing. He holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing. Outside of Hunter & Bard, you’ll find him reading used books, climbing, and skiing every chance he gets during the winter.

Matthew Robertson


Named after a purple billboard in Paris, Elysa was destined to be involved with marketing before she was even born. Elysa’s background in design and marketing have led to a profession and hobby in social media. She has experience on both sides of the influencer fence. She’s worked with retail brands to create integrated influencer campaigns that support traditional and digital efforts. And has also been invited as an influencer to several fun opportunities over the years. As a digital strategist, she loves helping companies develop and implement campaigns that integrate online and offline marketing efforts.
When Elysa is not working, she’s experiencing all things #boymom with her toddler.

Elysa Ellis

Digital Strategist

Mel Jones is a writer, editor and communicator living in North Little Rock, Arkansas. She began her career as an editor at an Arkansas-based interior design and lifestyle magazine in 2002. Since then she has worked for various regional and national lifestyle brands and publications, as well as in nonprofit communications. Mel holds bachelor’s degrees in both English and journalism, and has been known to dabble in web and graphic design. She has two gold Hermes Creative Awards, as well as an All-Star Aunt keychain from her niece. Outside of work, Mel loves a good road trip with her husband Matt, especially if the destination involves an epic concert. She can also be found napping with her plump little beagle, Watson.

Mel Jones

Content Director