Stuff We Read: Content, Context, Clarity

Stuff We Read: Content, Context, Clarity

This week was busier than usual. I spoke at SMX Jerusalem on Sunday on the Reputation Management and Twitter, Facebook & Google+ panels.

  • Follow up to an article in last weeks Stuff We Read: Google responds. Remember folks, leadership is top down. People behave how their superiors teach them is acceptable. If it’s rotten at the bottom – guaranteed it’s rotten at the core.
  • I love responses – While I appreciate the mention, I disagree that my post on Pinterest would turn off a new member. I do not think that the profile of a typical Pinterest user is male. But then, I said that in my post. And men are trying the service. Trying it in droves. Once. Sometimes twice. There are a few guys who have found some very neat ways to use the service, but these are outliers. Why not just applaud them for reaching women so quickly?
  • Differentiate – I’m a big fan of Chris Brogan. He was one of the first out there preaching quality content, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the twittersphere, and he truly deserves all of the success he’s worked so hard for. This post will give you a good example of how he got to where he is today. He practices what he preaches.
  • Looking for funding from a VC? Read this.
  • SOPA & PIPA are stalled. This explains part of how that happened. Warning, you’ll hate politics even more after reading this post.
  •  File this under: Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Ever want a couple hundred thousand fans on Twitter? Ever wonder what that would be like? (Honestly, even with her complaints she wouldn’t change it, so yeah, I’ll take some thank you.)
  • Nothing about this is ok. Warning, really upsetting.
  • Too many options is a bad thing. Learn to cut. Great TED talk.

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Shira Abel is the CEO of Hunter & Bard - a strategic marketing, messaging and branding agency. Shira has lectured about marketing worldwide at conferences and universities, such as the Schulich MBA Program in India (Schulich School of Business, York University, Mumbai Campus), SMX conference in Jerusalem, and the #140 conference in New York City. In addition she mentors at the Microsoft Azure Accelerator, the Google Campus Accelerator, Founder Institute, UpWest Labs and more. Shira also teaches Marketing for Startups at Starthub, the accelerator at Tel Aviv / Jaffa Academic College. MBA from Kellogg School of Management. Connect with Shira on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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