10 worthwhile post sales marketing tools

10 worthwhile post sales marketing tools

Convincing someone to purchase your products can be a costly endeavor. With wildly fluctuating advertising rates, oftentimes you might not recoup the customer acquisition costs until the second or third sale. That’s why assuming that you’re done marketing to someone once they’ve made a purchase is a rooky mistake you shouldn’t make.

Here are some post sales marketing action items that can help you nurture your SaaS customers into becoming longtime fans and repeat buyers.

Say thank you

It’s such a simple thing, but one that’s so often forgotten. A simple, heartfelt thank you after a purchase lets a customer know they’re not just another number in a spreadsheet and that their purchase means something to you.

Remember that, often when selling a SaaS product, the person doing the actual purchasing is not always the person who becomes the user. Both the C Level executive who made the purchase and the technical employee who will be using the product should be thanked.

Sending a handwritten thank you note and swag that you’ve carefully picked for each person you’re thanking helps build the long lasting relationships you aspire to.

Stay in regular contact

When a customer purchases a SaaS product, they’re not just buying software, they’re also buying service, and great service starts with thank you. Think of it as the beginning of the great relationship you want to build. You sent a thank you email, but don’t let the communication stop there. Real, regular contact is what turns a one-time buyer into a strong customer. Account managers should check in with customers at least every few months and have real conversations that engage the client to see how their goals are progressing and where they might need help.

Monitor customer success

Keep a close eye on how often your customers use your service, how they’re using it, and their success rates. Keeping an eye on the metrics gives you plausible reasons to reach out and connect, either to give them advice on how to use the product better, or to share information about other products they might find useful.

Your customers have the choice to either stay with you or test out the competition. Give them every reason to keep paying for your product month after month.

User guides

Your products make a world of sense to you because you’ve been living and breathing them since their inception. That’s not always the case for your customers. Creating videos, infographics, or even user guides that illustrate the best ways to use your products or showcasing how other customers have used your products allows users to get to work faster and more efficiently. It also sparks more opportunities to cross or upsell, which, if you hadn’t guessed, is definitely the ideal end goal.

Upsell, cross-sell, sell more

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money convincing someone to give your products a try. Now’s not the time to stop wooing them. Instead, now that they’ve had a chance to try one of your offerings, you can more easily upsell or cross-sell more products. If a client has fallen in love with your product and your services, then they’re the perfect target for an upgrade or an expansion.

Ask for testimonials and reviews

The easiest way to convince someone to try your products is to show them how much other people love them. Account managers should make a point to ask satisfied customers for testimonials. An effective testimonial is one that comes from a real person, shares detailed feedback, is specific, and relevant. Few customers will balk at the idea of you hosting these on your site, after all, it’s advertising for them too!

Put together case studies

One of the items we recommend you incorporate into your Marketing Sales Funnel materials is a body of case studies showcasing how your SaaS has worked for your existing customers. Have account managers interview successful clients and share these stories with prospects to help convince them to convert.

Customer forums

Know who loves hearing people rave about software they use? Other people who have bought the same software. Savvy SaaS brands offer forums where customers can help each other trouble shoot or brainstorm as well as simply connect over a shared passion for your product. Have a really passionate core group of users? Maybe it’s time to expand from an online forum and start thinking about hosting networking events or conferences!

Turn your customers into evangelists

Make it easy for customers to recognize fellow brand loyalists with website badges, stickers, and other swag. People love feeling like they’re part of an inner circle and love spreading the word to others who might be interested.

Launch an invite or referral program

Don’t just make it easy for your customers to entice others in the space to try your products, make it worth their while. Don’t jump the gun and ask people to share too soon, wait until they’ve used your products for a while and are getting significant value from your SaaS. Check out this post by SaaS Growth Strategies for tips on creating a referral program that delivers.

There’s no prescribed way to keep marketing beyond the sale. What works for one might not work for another. We suggest you test a few things and keep right on testing until you find the formula that works for you.

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