My 11 top tech reading resources

My 11 top tech reading resources

I love reading and I read prolifically. Every day I read and skim dozens of articles to keep up with new things in marketing, tech, SaaS specific and management. I don’t have time to look everywhere, so there are a few places online which are my Go To places for well curated information sharing. E.g. I know if Hiten Shah is sharing something, it’s probably really good. You’ll note most of these are newsletters because I don’t want to be bothered going to a specific site for news on a regular basis. I have 2 exceptions for that, and you’ll see them below.

Here’s my Must Read daily list:


My favorite resource for curated content. It’s invite only, and the link is my invite link. Sandy, the Founder of Quibb, accepts about 60% of the people who apply. The reason that the content is so good is because spammers are thrown out and it’s filled with tech industry veterans who share amazing information. I like Quibb so much it’s the only newsletter that I set to be in my Primary Tab in gmail.

Hiten Shah’s weekly SaaS newsletter

I interviewed Hiten on this week’s SaaS Insider (we talked so much it ended up being a 2 parter). He’s been in the SaaS business for as long as there’s been SaaS businesses and he reads even more than I do. What he reads and likes he shares in his weekly newsletter, which is filled with great stuff every week.


One of my 2 exceptions which is a website. Admittedly I don’t read everything here. I just skim the headlines to see if the tech world is doing well, doing meh, or all Hell has broken loose (e.g. Twitter this past weekend with the entire executive team leaving in unison “voluntarily”). I typically check Techmeme in the morning when I wake up.

Hacker News

Hacker News is a curated post list where members vote up helpful posts. You can access it through the website, but if you’re a real information junky you use Panda, a chrome plugin that shows you Hacker News, Growth Hackers, The Next Web, Techcrunch, HackinGUI and more all in your new tab in Chrome. If you enjoy posts about serious tech, this is a great resource. It doesn’t get to the main page if it isn’t good.

Mattermark Daily

Mattermark Daily focuses on gathering the best posts by investors and operators (tech industry thought leaders). The Daily is a misnomer, it goes out fairly regularly, but not actually daily all of the time. I often open and skim to see what the VCs are saying, since typically their advice is relevant to my audience.

First Round Capital

Every single post is bookmarkable advice. Every. Single. Post. Marketing, growth, scaling, management. Every single post will give you something helpful on growing a startup. Even on the posts where I already know the information, the way it’s presented is wonderful.

Awesome – but I don’t read them regularly



If you need to keep up with every detail of the tech industry then the LaunchTicker makes sense. I need to put my time into learning everything there is new about marketing, product, management, and growth. As such I did read this for awhile, decided my time was better put elsewhere, and stopped. I still get it, but I don’t put a lot of my focus on it, checking it from time to time instead of daily.

James Clear

James Clear writes about behavior and habits, so of course I love his work. Most of his examples have been taken from other studies that I’ve read previously, however, which is what makes him an occasional read instead of a must read. If you’re not already aware of the various heuristics we all enjoy, then I highly recommend signing up to James Clear. Even if you are aware, he’s a good writer and his posts are wonderful reminders.

Term Sheet

“Fortune’s daily email about deals and deal-makers.” If you want to know where the money is going – read this.

Benedict Evans Newsletter

I’ve met him once, and he is as smart as you would imagine. This isn’t me bragging. I tried to talk to him at a dinner we were both at and nothing of any worth came out, so I’m sure in my nervousness I made a truly forgetful impression. I’ve been following Benedict Evans since he started working at a16z. He’s an expert on mobile and tech and his industry insights are typically spot on.


Yet another amazing curated list of content. This time it’s what the brilliant minds at a16z are reading.

Of course there are so many great places for content online that I haven’t mentioned here – Medium curates great posts and LinkedIn is getting into the game as well. But these are my main Go Tos. Medium tends to be more philisophical and not as focused on learning. It’s infotainment if you will. LinkedIn is usually self-branding. Since I can’t read everything that’s out there I rely on great curated resources that go through more than I can on my own – and then I read their choices.

How do you handle everything you want to read?

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