5 compelling reasons to have a blog on your SaaS website

5 compelling reasons to have a blog on your SaaS website

When you’re just getting started and your scrappy team is already stretched to the max, it’s hard to embrace the concept that, on top of everything else, you need to create and maintain a company blog. And yet, we’re here to tell you that we don’t just suggest that you do, we insist on it.

There are countless reasons why a blog should be one of the cornerstone elements of your content marketing strategy. How about we just give you a few to get you started?

1. A blog drives traffic to your site

We understand that the end goal of all of your marketing efforts is to increase traffic to your site so you can generate more sales. Great news, a blog will help you do just that.

Generating good content on a consistent basis keeps your website relevant which means that search engines will keep serving up links to your site in response to user queries. Informative and useful posts are also easily shared via social media, giving your fans a way to help promote you to their networks, and giving you easy content to share on your social channels.

2. A blog keeps your site relevant and interesting

You only update SaaS offerings every so often, so for the most part, once your site has been created, the copy is rarely updated or changed. The goal of a search engine is to serve up the most up to date and relevant information they can find, so, if your site remains static and unchanged, very quickly, it’ll stop ranking at all. Regular updates on the blog make it seem as though the entire site is fresh and current. In short, it’s SEO gold. Even better, a great blog gives your existing clients a reason to keep coming back and gives you opportunities to upsell or cross-sell to them.

3. A blog establishes you as an expert in the field

Prospective clients don’t usually have much to go on when they’re searching for the ideal SaaS company to work with. They can read reviews, sometimes see the service at work for other clients, but other than that, it’s often slim pickings. That’s why so many of them rely on the company blog to garner more information about what you do and who you are. A blog is an incredible tool for connecting with potential and existing clients. It’s a great platform for sharing relevant information, for answering questions, or just for educating people about what services you provide and how those can help them reach their objectives.

4. A blog supports your sales efforts

The content that you place on your blog can, and should be, an intrinsic part of your marketing sales funnel. You can share customer stories, case studies, and key information about your services. You can address and respond to prevalent pain points or answer commonly asked questions. All of which helps inform readers and convince them that you have the service that will help them meet their goals.

5. A blog gives your company personality a place to shine

The beauty of blogs is that there’s lots of space in which you can express yourself. While the content has to be relevant and on target, it can be expansive. Unlike your home page where you need to be incredibly mindful of brevity and focus, on the blog, you can let your company’s personality fly. Think of the blog as a place where things can be expanded, explored, and exposed. Company culture, brand ideals, thought leadership. It’s all valuable and deserves to have a place to thrive.

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