A few helpful tips to beat blogger’s block

A few helpful tips to beat blogger’s block

It’s one thing to know that you should be blogging regularly, another to know what types of posts you should be writing, and yet a third to know what to actually write in those posts. That’s right, writer’s block strikes for everyone, not just professional writers. So what’s a person to do when they know they have to get something up on the company blog and yet have zero idea what to write about? We have a couple suggestions.

What’s your company philosophy?

It probably goes without saying that you’re in business because you strongly believe in what you do. Why not use your blog as the platform from which you can share some of your motivations for starting your SaaS company and for keeping it up and running. What prompted the launch? What has guided the development of the services you offer? What feedback has helped shape the growth of the company? All of these topics help establish you as an expert in the field and gives your company a unique

The low hanging fruit: Client questions

Even if you offer the world’s simplest SaaS product possible, your potential and existing clients are still going to have some questions they need answered. For the most part these are going to be addressed in your FAQ section, but once in a while a question will come along that deserves a slightly more in depth answer. Ask your sales team members to keep a running log of any interesting queries they have to field so that when the curse of the blinking cursor strikes you’ll have a list to pluck from.

What’s happening in the industry?

In order to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your industry you should really be actively participating in industry forums, following industry news, and even attending industry events. The good news is that doing so doesn’t just help guide your product development cycle, it can also feed your blog content. Is there a hot topic that’s being heavily debated in forums? Instead of sharing all of your insights in the comments section, you can craft a blog post sharing your take on the situation. Was a groundbreaking announcement just made? Again, share your thoughts in your blog. Posts like these are ideal for social sharing because it proves that you’re staying on top of relevant developments and gives potential users a way to get to know you.

What’s happening in the news?

Industry news isn’t the only thing you should be keeping close tabs on. Current events might be relevant to your industry in unexpected ways. What’s happening today that can inspire a blog post and maybe gain you a few new readers and potential leads? Keep an eye on trending topics to see if maybe you can take advantage of the buzz. Please note: we in no way endorse taking advantage of national or even local tragedies to toot your own horn. There are classy ways to benefit from trending items and ways that are not so classy. Trust your gut to know the difference.

Seasons and holidays

Not everyone is going to have a SaaS product that’s the ideal gift for a Valentine’s Day present, but seasons and holidays are wonderful inspirations for blog posts. While the holiday gift idea might not be a great angle to grab, maybe you have the service that can improve a company’s productivity as they navigate the holiday season. Take a look at the season or upcoming holidays and see if you can tease out a relevant blog post or two.

Behind the scenes

One of the reasons Zappos became so incredibly popular so fast is because the CEO strongly believed in letting people see the behind the scenes of the operation. Customers loved seeing where the Zappos employees worked; it made them feel like they were buying from people they knew rather than from a soulless computer. You might not be selling something as emotionally evocative as shoes, but you can benefit from the same concept. Let your company culture shine through in your posts. Share pictures from the holiday party, of the conference rooms, or anything else that you feel makes your story come to life. You might be surprised at how much your clients enjoy seeing what’s happening on the other side of their computer screens.

Real stories come to life

Sometimes, to be converted to a paying client, all someone has to see is the product in action. Since software is inherently hard to see, the next best thing is hearing about how another user is putting it to work. If you have a client who is using your SaaS service in a unique or innovative way or someone who is a true power user, featuring their story on your blog is an amazing way to showcase what they’re doing so that others might be inspired. It’s also a great way to show clients how grateful you are for their business.

Take aways and mistakes

Most people shy away from ever admitting they were wrong, but great things come to those who have the courage to do so in as public a space as the company blog. Not only does standing up and saying “We were wrong about how we chose to do this.” show strength of character and a propensity for growth, it also tells your users that they can have inherent trust in what you are currently doing. It’s relationship-building gold. What have you tried and failed at? What have you implemented and had to change or remove? Fess up. Show off what you learned and how it improved the next thing you created. You’ll find that this is just another situation where honesty really is the best policy.

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