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Ep.3: Why choosing an experienced fractional CMO can help your organization grow with thought leadership

Have you ever wondered why some leaders are more effective at marketing than others? It really boils down to two things: experience and thought leadership. In our third episode of ABM Insider, Shira talks with Odell Marketing’s founder, Bill Odell. They chat about Bill’s considerable experience working for numerous organizations in leadership roles and how it helped him develop an agency specializing in Fractional CMO offerings. Bill talks about the importance of patience when marketing, testing your campaigns and measuring every event and goal that supports your objectivesWe hope you enjoy our latest podcast in the ABM Insider series, hosted by Hunter & Bard CEO Shira Abel. 

Podcast sneak peek: Catch a glimpse of our engaging discussion in this quick highlight video. For an in-depth exploration, be sure to listen to the full podcast episode below.

Understanding the importance of thought leadership and a focused marketing strategy 

Bill is the founder of Odell Marketing, a marketing agency offering fractional CMO services, advisory services and managing strategic projects for B2B startups and enterprise clients. With decades of experience in marketing strategy and leadership, Bill strongly believes in the importance of defining marketing objectives, developing foundational strategies and tactics that will help to accomplish the defined strategies.

Bill stresses the importance of executing with a sense of urgency while patiently working toward your marketing goals. He also talks about the importance of testing marketing campaigns and making data-driven decisions to help you pivot where needed to achieve your marketing goals. Bill also discusses the importance of a strategic content strategy focused on targeting the verticals associated with your account-based marketing campaigns. 

“…what is it that you’re trying to achieve, what’s your goal? What does a homerun look like?...What are the strategies that you think allow you hit that objective? And what are the tactics that support the strategy? 

Listen to the whole episode below to hear Bill and Shira’s entire conversation, and be sure to check out future episodes of ABM Insider wherever you listen to your podcasts. In Episode 4, Shira is joined by Brandon Young, Chief Marketing Officer at WeSpire.

Shira Abel, CEO of Hunter and Bard award-winning ABM agency

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