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Ep.4: Discover common challenges when leading marketing teams and the core competencies needed to be an effective manager

What’s the difference between leadership and management? How do you manage and grow a successful marketing team? In our fourth episode of ABM Insider, Shira talks with Brandon Young, CMO of WeSpire about his experience in marketing leadership, team growth, effective management and the tools he prefers to help keep his team organized and productive. Brandon also discusses what backgrounds have produced some of the strongest marketers and why empathizing with your sales team can help you develop a better marketing strategy. We hope you enjoy our latest podcast in the ABM Insider series, hosted by Hunter and Bard CEO Shira Abel. 

Podcast sneak peek: Catch a glimpse of our engaging discussion in this quick highlight video. For an in-depth exploration, be sure to listen to the full podcast episode below.

Discover the key competencies in being an effective leader, and how to get your team uptospeed on new processes

Brandon is the CMO of WeSpire, a software company that focuses on helping other companies design, run and measure employee experience programs to improve social, environmental, and business outcomes. With decades of experience in marketing, leadership and people management, Brandon joins Shira to discuss the core competencies an effective leader needs to manage their team and the processes that help keep them on track to meeting their objectives. 

Brandon shares his thoughts on the state of product marketing in technology and the traits that are commonly sought after by the tech industry. He delves into keys of strong management principles and technology marketing tech-stack he prefers to use when managing teams. Brandon also shares his thoughts on some of the core competencies and skills that any marketer needs to have in their arsenal to set them apart from the competition and help them stand out as a leader in their team. 

If you don’t care about people, you probably don’t have the desirous skill set to be a manager…even if you are successful in your own eyes because you get the promotions you want, you have to really measure yourself by the people you supported along the way...” 

Listen to the whole episode below to hear Brandon and Shira’s entire conversation, and be sure to check out future episodes of ABM Insider wherever you listen to your podcasts. In Episode 5, Shira is joined by Craig Conlee, Growth Strategist with Siemens.

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