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Ep.5: Discover how you can scale your PLG business with strategic ABM principles

What is a persona and how do you define a persona in an industry or how it relates to users for your PLG? In our fifth episode of ABM Insider, Shira talks with Craig Conlee, Growth Strategist at Siemens about his experience with PLG and startup growth, and why an account-based marketing strategy can help fuel and propel growth for your PLG to help you scale your product in new markets. Craig also discusses his background in sales and how personalization in marketing can help optimize your marketing qualified leadsWe hope you enjoy our latest podcast in the ABM Insider series, hosted by Hunter and Bard CEO Shira Abel. 

Podcast sneak peek: Catch a glimpse of our engaging discussion in this quick highlight video. For an in-depth exploration, be sure to listen to the full podcast episode below.

Discover how to optimize your PLG growth with account-based marketing strategies

Craig is the Growth Strategist at Siemens, with decades of experience in PLG and scaling startups and he joins Shira to discuss the importance of understanding your target audience and developing personas to help your go to market strategies. Whether you’re starting your PLG startup, or you’re scaling, Craig underlines the importance of developing your ideal customer profile and curating your account-based marketing strategy to personalize content toward your ICP.  

Craig also discusses the tech marketing stack you need today to help you scale your PLG. With a keen focus on understanding the user’s journey, Craig shares his knowledge on which tools will help you understand your customer funnel and how those tools can help your PLG, and startup optimize the conversion funnel. 

The idea is to close and expand, cross-sell, based upon product usage. Understanding your personas and target market are very important. To learn and loop your findings into marketing and leverage account-based marketing and to feed upon this whole loop…. the NorthStar metric for product led sales is expansion. 

Listen to the whole episode below to hear Craig and Shira’s entire conversation, and be sure to check out future episodes of ABM Insider wherever you listen to your podcasts. In Episode 6, Shira is joined by Randy Brasche, founder of Adaptive B2B Solutions. 

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