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Ep.6: Discover how ABM can help your company attain hyper growth

With the onset of the pandemic, ABM strategies have evolved and focusing on leads per campaign is no longer the main KPI. In our sixth episode of ABM Insider, Shira talks with Randy Brasche, founder of adaptiveb2b.com and author of Some Assembly Required, a survival guide for B2B marketers, about the evolution of ABM post pandemic, how SaaS startups can attain hyper growth and the key performance indicators you need to focus on when optimizing your ABM go to market strategies. We hope you enjoy our latest podcast in the ABM Insider series, hosted by Hunter and Bard CEO Shira Abel. 

Podcast sneak peek: Catch a glimpse of our engaging discussion in this quick highlight video. For an in-depth exploration, be sure to listen to the full podcast episode below.

Discover how to overcome the complexities of hyper growth when marketing to enterprise 

Randy is the founder of adaptiveb2b.com, author of Some Assembly Required, a survival guide for B2B marketers, and an expert marketing leader with over 25 years of experience in B2B SaaS marketing. He joins Shira to discuss the nuances and challenges of marketing to enterprise while managing and how to manage hyper growth. Randy emphasizes the importance of understanding the funnel and optimizing your go to marketing strategies with a keen focus on revenue and goals for each department rather than focusing solely on leads. 

Randy also discusses the complexities that AI are introducing to ABM go to market strategies, and the challenges that accelerants like growth hacking strategies present to the success of ABM strategies.  


If marketing knows exactly how much revenue has to be generated by line of business, that becomes the accountability for marketing, but it also helps the rest of the revenue team and CEO understand what you’re brining to the table… 

Listen to the whole episode below to hear Randy and Shira’s entire conversation, and be sure to check out future episodes of ABM Insider wherever you listen to your podcasts. In Episode 7, Shira is joined by Davis Potter, founder and CEO of ForgeX. 

Shira Abel, CEO of Hunter and Bard award-winning ABM agency

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