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“Hunter & Bard refreshed our messaging and content while also developing an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign that yielded early success. They collaborated with our marketing and sales team to research and target our ideal customer profile. The team tested messaging to confirm assumptions and updated our customer journey. We are thrilled with the results and are now transforming the campaign into a program. Hunter & Bard has been an excellent and adaptable partner.”

High level ABM strategy

Account-based marketing isn’t a gimmick. It’s also not for everyone.

It’s a developed, proven strategy to find the right targets for high-value accounts, build relationships with them, and get them the product they need to improve their business. 

At Hunter & Bard, we give you a choice. We can manage this entire process. We can take it in steps with an initial test. Or we can consult your team as they execute. It’s up to you.  

Why work with Hunter & Bard?


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How do we do it? Our S.C.A.L.E framework is the key to your success:

Secure ABM program goals

Begin with a purpose. Whether you’re carving out your objectives or seeking guidance to frame them, our expertise ensures that your ambitions align with realistic outcomes 

Choose strategic accounts

Your marketing should resonate. By diligently analyzing prospects, we filter out the right decision-makers in companies that genuinely require your offerings

Advance targeting tactics

Customization is key. Reviewing past strategies helps pinpoint effective methodologies. With ABM, we resonate with your audience by addressing their explicit needs and concerns

Lead a seamless campaign

Collaborative effort leads to success. ABM is a synergy between marketing and sales. By aligning both teams from the get-go, we ensure that the most qualified leads are always on your radar

Evaluate progress, measure results

Continuous growth requires reflection. Post-launch, we remain engaged in the campaign’s pulse, gauging its effectiveness and adapting strategies as needed. Every campaign becomes a learning experience

Select a Package

From full-service ABM strategy & execution to creative or strategy only, we’ve got you covered.
12-month engagement 

Full ABM

Partner with us for a comprehensive ABM strategy. 

  • End-to-end account based strategy, execution, and optimization.
  • Full research and interviews to fully define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) 
  • Integrated collaboration with client teams. 
  • Expert-driven content and creative assets. 
  • Flexible tech stack integration. 
  • Personalized reporting and analytics. 
  • We can use your ABM targeting platforms, or our own. 
  • 12-month dedicated partnership for sustained learnings and results. 
3-5 Month Engagement 


Test out ABM and H&B with a targeted, one-channel program. 

  • One-channel ABM strategy and execution (for trial and testing). 
  • Strategic collaboration with key-client sales and marketing teams. 
  • Targeted content creation. 
  • Campaign management. We can use your ABM platforms, or our own. 
  • Utilizes core elements of the tech stack for targeted outreach. 
  • 3 to 5-month engagement to gauge efficacy and inform potential scaling. 
12-month engagement 

Guided Program 

We bring the ABM strategy and measurement, you bring the creative and execution. 

  • Account based strategy guidance. 
  • Weekly check-ins for progress monitoring and strategic adjustments. 
  • On-demand support for implementation queries. 
  • Client’s in-house team leads execution with our expert consultancy. 
  • Work with you to execute a flawless account-based marketing strategy for LinkedIn. 
  • Ideal for businesses with in-house execution capabilities seeking strategic direction. 
12-month engagement 

Messaging & Materials 

Full-service ABM creative for ads, emails, content, and more. 

  • Strategy and content plan tailored for ABM campaigns. 
  • Creation of high-impact email templates, marketing collateral, and ad creatives. 
  • Designed for client-side execution and campaign management. 
  • Focus on aligning materials with your brand and target accounts. 
  • Suitable for companies with established marketing teams looking for strategic content support. 

Deep dive into ABMwith our SCALE framework

Let’s craft your success story

Talk to us; Start here:


    Account-based marketing is a strategy that targets your top accounts. ABM tactics compliment a standard top-of-funnel marketing approach, and expands it to be a bow-tie funnel. For companies with larger deal sizes, ABM offers a way to boost marketing and sales resource ROI by getting in front of your right buyers at the right time with the right product(s). With a true ABM strategy, marketing works hand-in-hand with sales to segment and target specific messaging and campaigns to these top-tier accounts, instead of a generic message used in a typical lead generation campaign. 

    It can. But it also encompasses a range of programs that target accounts with similar attributes. 

     ABM targets your top accounts by focusing your messaging and sales enablement materials to these specific accounts, and it can go as granular as writing messaging to a single individual. There are three standard types of ABM:  

    1. Strategic ABM: One to one (typically 10 to 20 companies maximum)  
    2. ABM Lite: One to few (up to 200 companies)  
    3. Programmatic ABM: One to many (more than 200)  

    Every company has different ABM needs. We recommend considering working with an account-based marketing agency if you don’t have experience in ABM and are doing it for the first time. That’s why we offer a free consultation to learn more about your organizational needs and which type(s) of ABM make sense for your business.  

    No. It is a comprehensive strategy including identifying your target accounts, building relationships, and getting the right product in front of the right people at the right time. While programmatic advertising can be a part of a comprehensive ABM strategy, it’s definitely not a full ABM program. For some companies it’s a good place to get started with ABM. Programmatic is close enough to Demand Generation, if you have that capability in-house, you should be able to make the switch relatively easily. Your biggest challenge will be getting your team and executives comfortable with the audience size and results therein, as ABM programs target smaller, more segmented audiences with customized content. Most in-house ABM teams end up needing to bring in an accountbased marketing agency to support scaling highly segmented programs. 

    Due to the amount of time it takes to build segmented materials and run highly targeted campaigns, we recommend ABM for B2B companies that have an annual contract value that starts around 100k for a proof of concept and can grow to be above 500k to 1m. The type of ABM used depends on the value of the account. An ABM strategy has 3 tiers and the approach you decide to take depends on your ideal customer profile (ICP) and the annual contract value (ACV) of your accounts. You can read more about that in What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM), above. 

    An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a detailed description of your company’s perfect customer. We craft this profile through internal interviews and research. From there we segment each key ICPs messaging using specific criteria such as industry, company size, title, and identified challenges. For companies with high account contract values, understanding your ICP is crucial. It directs your marketing and sales focus to the most relevant and effective accounts to build relationships with. This precision in targeting is a core element of an effective ABM strategy, ensuring your efforts resonate deeply with the prospects most likely to convert. 

    While traditional marketing casts a wide net to attract various leads, account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted approach focusing on specific high-value accounts. An account-based marketing strategy includes crafting hyper-targeted and personalized campaigns tailored to the needs and characteristics of each individual decision maker in the account. To be effective, ABM requires the alignment of marketing and sales teams to convert these select accounts into customers. Traditional marketing has marketing and sales in silos, where marketing may deliver a list, or a handoff, but not working deeply with sales to combat objections or close deals.  


    We’ve written an entire eBook about the stages of account-based marketing. It’s free and ungated (because we’re that nice!) This eBook includes how to do an account based strategy, ABM targeting, and goes all the way through ABM tactics. In our opinion it’s the best account-based marketing for B2B book out there. 

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are software platforms that manage company interactions with current and potential customers, focusing on enhancing relationships. Think Salesforce or HubSpot CRM. Account-Based Marketing (ABM), on the other hand, is a strategy where marketing and sales teams collaborate to tailor personalized campaigns and communications for specific high-value accounts. While CRM is a tool for managing data and interactions, ABM is a targeted approach to B2B marketing. 

    It depends. For individual campaign tests, focusing on traditional message and user interface testing for your specific audience segmentation are a good place to start. This can be as simple as measuring open or click-through rates. No response either means you need to work on your delivery or your message doesn’t resonate with your target market.   

    For a full ABM campaign – we watch the entire path from Lead all the way to Closed Won. The major KPIs being Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs), Sales Accepted Accounts (SAAs), Opportunities, and Closed-Won Deals.   

    ABM isn’t better than traditional marketing. It is part of a full marketing strategy that needs to encompass brand / public relations / analyst marketing for awareness, content and search marketing, and a full event marketing strategy. Every company has unique needs and for some companies, such as product-led growth businesses with low contract values or month-to-month subscriptions, ABM is NOT better than traditional marketing (though it often augments a traditional marketing strategy nicely for higher-value accounts). 


    If you have products with an annual contract value over 50k USD, we recommend focusing on an ABM strategy where demand generation activities compliment the program for more general brand awareness. ABM is best used for accounts of high-value that have a complex sale and require more relationship building on the side of the Account Executive and Sales Engineer.  

    There are a lot of ABM tools/technologies on the market today. We work with all of them and can use the ones you bring to us or our own. Every business has different needs and we can recommend which technologies will serve those needs best based on your industry, objectives, and budget.

    S.C.A.L.E. is our proprietary framework for ABM. It stands for: 

    • Secure ABM program goals 
    • Choose strategic accounts 
    • Advance targeting tactics 
    • Lead a seamless campaign 
    • Evaluate progress, measure results 

     You can read more about our S.C.A.L.E. framework here. 

    With nearly a decade in ABM experience, working with companies of all sizes, plus a broad background in traditional marketing and complementary strategies, Hunter & Bard is an account-based marketing agency that knows how to make ABM work. But don’t take our word for it. We’ve delivered over $200M in pipeline for our customers at a 94% close rate. We know how ABM can transform a company as we’ve seen it first hand. We also know that ABM is part strategy, part creative, and part sales-marketing alignment (kind of like therapy). We’ve seen programs get derailed without this alignment and are able to advise when situations need mitigation. And with our proprietary S.C.A.L.E.-based framework, you can trust you’re in good hands with the experts in ABM. 


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