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Account-based marketing starts with understanding your sales process, leads to developing an impactful campaign, and delivers active, high-value accounts.


Account-based marketing isn’t a gimmick. It’s also not for everyone.

It’s a developed, proven strategy to find the right targets for high-value accounts, build relationships with them, and get them the product they need to improve their business.

At Hunter & Bard, we manage this entire process. We help you identify and build your industry-specific lists, create the sales enablement materials and manage outreach, then enact the sales conversation to close the deal and develop lasting client relationships.

Our proven process:

Secure program goal(s)

Choose strategic accounts

Advance targeting tactics

Lead a seamless campaign journey

Evaluate progress, measure results

Sarah Partridge

Senior Manager - Product Marketing, UL

In addition to refreshing our messaging and interactive content, the Hunter & Bard team developed an ABM campaign and worked with our marketing and sales team to research the ideal customer profile and test the messaging before going after bigger targets. We have had early success and confirmed several assumptions, updated our customer journey, and are continuing to refine our messaging and selling approaches. I am excited about our early results and we’re now working to turn the campaign into a program. H&B has been a flexible and adaptable partner for us.

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