Get in front of your target market

Get in front of your target market

Each time you share anything online, potential accounts are evaluating your value. In order to take advantage of the momentary attention, it’s essential to understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Every aspect of the buyer’s journey should be based around your ICP. As B2B buyers’ expectations constantly evolve, the necessity of a seamless experience complemented with empathetic, deep relationships is increasingly important. Pinpointing your target audience and guiding them through a tailored, informative journey hitting each touchpoint increases your credibility and your chances of securing that account.

Follow these three steps to get in front of the right people at the right accounts:

Know your audience

First things first, you need to know your audience. In order to fully benefit from your marketing strategy, every aspect of the B2B buyer’s journey must be precisely aligned with the key decision-makers’ motivations and pain points. You need to know them on a few levels: basic demographics of the key decision-makers, expectations throughout the buyer’s journey, and also their core motivations.

Ask yourself questions like these:

Basic demographic:

  • Who are the key decision-makers? Titles? Job roles?
  • What is their seniority? Level of responsibility?
  • Who is your ideal target company?
  • What size is the target company? (revenue, employees)
  • What is the location of your target company?
  • Who is their end customer?
  • What verticals are they targeting?

Buyer journey:

  • What are the most critical touchpoints throughout your journey?
  • How do you want the buyer to feel throughout the process?
  • How do the decision-makers get their information?
  • What information is the buyer looking for before the sale? Are you providing it to them?
  • How and when will the company use your service/product?
  • What features are appealing to the people at this company?
  • What is important to your buyer?

Core motivations:

  • What do the key decision-makers value?
  • How do the key decision-makers picture success?
  • What is important to the end customer?
  • What are the challenges of the buyers? Of the end customer?
  • What are the goals of the buyers? Of the end customer?
  • Why does the company have a need for change?
  • What drives the decision-makers’ purchasing decisions?
  • What value do you specifically provide to your customer?


Create relevant content

If you don’t educate your audience with relevant information at every step of the journey, they’ll get their answers from someone else. So, everything from your landing page to eBooks and whitepapers is the compass navigating buyers to the final sale. Don’t lose a lead because you didn’t have the answers they were looking for. Instead, use the insights from your research to make informed decisions on what type of content is meaningful to your audience. (Check out this article to make sure you’re including these four types of content.)

If you don’t educate your audience with relevant information at every step of the journey, they’ll get their answers from someone else. #b2bmarketing #contentmarketing Share on X

Optimize discoverability

Google receives 40,000 searches each second. In order to cut through the vast amount of data that your customer is consuming, your content must implement SEO practices for prospects to discover your existence and increase growth. For example, keywords, backlinks, and great user experience are all essential components of optimizing your content to be visible. Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. Content is a necessity for SEO, but your content won’t be seen unless your audience can find it.

Google receives 40,000 searches every second. It’s essential that your content implements SEO practices in order to cut through the vast amount of data. Learn about how #content and #SEO go hand-in-hand #b2bmarketing Share on X

Follow these three steps to see an increase in organic traffic, more leads, and overall revenue. Want to chat about your content and SEO strategy? Reach out here.

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