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Get in Front of Your Target Market

Each time you share a launch, tweet, or blog post, potential leads are evaluating your value to them. It’s a make-or-break moment. That’s why it’s essential to understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) of key decision-makers and center each and every aspect of the buyer's...

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Become a Category Leader by Creating a Category

"I want my company to become a category leader, only the category I believe we belong in doesn't exist. How do you create a category?" I was almost finished my workshop on Thought Leadership, Creating Category Leaders and one of the students asked me this question. He explained to...

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13 SaaS Tools I Cannot Live Without – 2017 Version

These are the MarTech, project, and sales SaaS tools I cannot live without. Some of the list is for Hunter & Bard and other SaaS tools are Must Haves for our clients. I go through phases with tools. Sometimes I love them and cannot live without...

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The Business to Business Decision Making Process

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. What concerns his or her daily life? Does she or he have a family? Is he or she afraid of making the wrong decision at work, in fear that it will mean they will lose...

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