Engage your audience with creative precision

Engaging marketing and sales enablement materials that serve your purposes and benefit your customer.

Kelly Carter


“We love working with Hunter & Bard! They take the time to really listen to our objectives and help us transform our ideas into a beautiful, living, breathing campaign. The team is fun and easy to work with and delivers compelling creative with impeccable design. They are thorough with timelines, milestone tracking and overall clear communication, which I admire.

If you’re looking for a partner to become part of your team and elevate your marketing to the next level, look no further.”

Smart creativity for lasting impressions

Don't make it hard for people to understand what you are saying.

We help deliver your message in a delightful, smart, and respectful manner. Whatever your ultimate goals are, we design accordingly. We create beautiful and inspiring materials to engage your audience through a broad scope of channels.

We combine and balance the visions of your product design team with the goals of your marketing team to create a cohesive brand that speaks to everyone. Whether starting from scratch or looking for a creative update, Hunter & Bard is here to provide smart design solutions to achieve the results your company is looking for.

Concept to execution: We ideate, create, and design for impact.

Sales enablement

Empower your sales force. Our tailored sales materials, from eBooks to infographics, equip your team to close deals by engaging customers with compelling narratives and key insights that resonate.


Dominate your digital space. From engaging blogs to conversion-centric landing pages, we create online experiences that captivate your audience and nurture leads, solidifying your web presence.


Amplify your message. With striking ads and vibrant social content, we boost your brand visibility and audience interaction, turning every click and share into a potential business opportunity.


Cultivate a memorable brand. Through distinctive brand identity and custom visuals, we shape the way your business is perceived, creating a lasting impression that sets you apart.


Navigate the market with precision. We fine-tune your marketing strategy, aligning it with your business goals for maximum impact. Our audits and gap analyses ensure your tactics are on-point and effective, while ABM strategies focus on winning your most valuable accounts.

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