Design and Marketing Services - Hunter & Bard


Logic, creativity, analytics, behavior economics, poetry, experience, and chutzpah

What We Do

Hunter & Bard is a digital marketing agency that identifies your target customers, makes eye contact with them across a crowded digital space, and woos them with our style, wit and wisdom.


What does your design say about you? Does it say what you want it to?


A brand is a promise made and kept. Does your brand fulfill the promise your product is making?

Sales Enablement

The best way to engage a high value sale is through a targeted, benefit-driven, account based marketing campaign.


We’ve delivered amazing results by producing well-written, researched content that resonates with the customer.

Web Design

Engaging. Responsive. Our web design captures the attention of your visitor and invites them to look deeper.


Great design doesn’t just look good, it works. It helps you sell. Raise your conversions. Work with us.

Social Media

Social media has multiple purposes. Connect with media, your customers, and send signals to your competitors.

Thought Leadership

Thought leaders show what they know and engage with other leaders in the industry. We facilitate that.

What We Do

We know that drawing customers into a conversation gives them them a reason to come back, because even though we are digital  we are kind of old fashioned: human.

We provide value to your customer that raises reciprocity, traffic, spirits, and revenue. In short, builds a relationship that requires you to listen, react, and change…in exchange for brand loyalty and long term success.

If you don’t have patience and want a ton of fake followers overnight with no real conversion – please move on. Hunter & Bard will not see you now. Hunter & Bard sees online relationships through the same lens as offline ones. Our method is about charisma. Our team is about people.

We Believe

We have a passion for our work. The kind that gets obsessed and wakes up in the middle of the night with an idea that we just have to work on. The kind that means occasionally we have to stop ourselves because we just couldn’t stop iterating. We love our work, and it shows.


There are no “Yes Men” in Hunter & Bard. We work collaboratively, giving our opinion and advising with our experience. We debate, we consider. We create better things because we push each other to greatness.


Our drive is in the journey. We love strategy, building and execution. But it doesn’t end there – we don’t stop until we help you reach your goal.


Life is too short to work with people who aren’t fun. We’re nice. We laugh. We joke. We enjoy life. Our team is like family and our clients often become friends.