Introducing our rebrand:
Connect with your customers

Let’s face it, tech has changed 

One might argue that AI can do everything in design, but we would counterargue that a brand created by AI looks like all other brands created by AI – and a brand that looks identical to others isn’t really a brand identity at all. Just look at brands created by Canva to prove my point. Are they nice? Yes. Are they memorable? No. Does it make the prospect feel anything? No. But it’s enough for the small business that can’t afford an agency. However, if you’re selling to enterprise, your prospects will expect more than just an ampersand in your brand name, case in point (and yes, we see the irony):

It’s all in the ampersand 🙃

♬ original sound – The Holderness Fam

Brand identity is not just seen but felt. It should be multi-layered, with intrigue and meaning. Hunter & Bard’s new brand reflects our growth to a strategic marketing agency that connects tech companies with their target accounts. Our logo is not just a new design; it’s a manifesto of our core belief: “Connecting you with your customers.” 

How we got started, the history of our brand 

In 2011 apple green was all over tech. Shira didn’t meet Leda till 2015, so she found someone on Dribbble and did a literal translation of our name – Hunter & Bard – to our logo. The icon was a quill (Bard) and an arrow (Hunter). In 2019 Shira thought it was important for Leda to own all our brand, so we rebranded. The colors changed from apple green (which was no longer in fashion for tech brands) to blues that reflect trust. The complimentary colors were quiet, muted hues. We kept the arrow from the original logo and evolved its form to be more subtle. Gone was the literal translation of our name and the in-your-face green.  

Now we’re embracing a new chapter with a brand that speaks directly to the heart of what we do best – connect. Our logo is about connection and colors are brighter – signifying the brightness of our future.  

Conceptualizing our new brand 

Four simple shapes interconnected at the center, the new icon crafts the letters H and B, standing for Hunter & Bard. These represent the hunting marketing strategist and the bard who interprets your identity at the core of all marketing. This design mirrors the fundamental functions of business-to-business marketing and design: to connect people in businesses, facilitating growth that’s smarter, faster, and stronger. It’s a testament to our belief that relationships and connection are what drive deals, crafted by Leda, our Chief Designer. 

Peach: A Color of connection

Peach symbolizes warmth, joy, and the collective desire for togetherness. It feels good to look at it. This choice reflects our goals for building relationships, embodying emotional intelligence, and envisioning sweet success. Anchored by navy and accompanied by other happy, bright blues, our color palette is both inviting and mature. Together our brand symbolizes trust, experience, and a readiness to build new possibilities. 

Connecting beyond business  

At Hunter & Bard, we understand that brands, like humans, are built on connections. Our new logo and its encompassing identity are designed to remind us of the value of connections – not just in business but in every aspect of our lives. It’s a call to engage and discuss. To utilize diverse tools and services. To make our world a better place. 

Our brand promise  

With our new branding, Hunter & Bard reaffirms its commitment to connecting you with your prospects with stories, and engaging people. It’s more than a symbol; it’s how we see the future – where connections forge our path to success.


We invite you to explore the new Hunter & Bard. Learn more about the services we offer and connect with us. Discover how we can help you engage your market more effectively, win new clients, and grow your pipeline. Together, let’s create stories that resonate and relationships that endure. 

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