I love Wonder, it’s a must-have for content marketing

I love Wonder, it’s a must-have for content marketing

Wonder is a research startup that makes getting information simpler. Yes, there is Google. And Google is wonderful. It also occasionally takes more time than you have to go through all of the results to get the answer to the one question you have.

Wonder fixes that. And it’s wonderful.

I learned about Wonder from Hunter Walk’s blog post virtual assistants. His post includes a free question, so I tried it out. I was looking to find out exactly how long the average tenure is for a content marketer inside a company for the post Marketing Agency vs. In House – Pros and Cons. And Wonder delivered. More than I expected or hoped for.

The question I asked was:

“What is the average turnover period for content marketers i.e. how long does a content marketer typically stay at her company/job before moving on?”

And I received this:
Research Lead: Brent D.
Reviewer: James C.



Good day and thank you for inquiring with Wonder about the average turnover period for content marketers. I was able to locate some excellent sources with dozens of facts on content marketing when researching this for you, including a resource which directly answers your question as follows:

According to information quoted on the website of the Continuing & Career Education Assumption College, obtained from Laura McGarrity, VP-digital marketing strategy at Mondo (Technology and digital resource provided, i.e. content marketing), the average tenure for digital marketing professionals is 12-18 months.

While researching this for you I also came across some additional data which I believe is helpful to take this timeline (12-18 months) a step or two further and add some context to this fairly high turnover rate. Consider the following data/statistics:

  1. One of my research sources quotes “49% of new hires will fail within their first 18 months of employment, while only 19% will achieve indisputable success.”
  2. According to a Forbes article the average worker stays at each job 4.4 years 91% of millennials (born between 1977 and 1997) expect to stay less than 3-years.
  3. Information published by the Content Marketing Institute suggests 45 percent of companies can’t find candidates with the right skills.
  4. The Content Marketing Institute also publishes data indicating “More B2B marketers say they are challenged with finding trained content marketing professionals this year (32%) than last year (10%).”
  5. The Bureau of Labor Statistic show number of years’ employees have been with their current employer is 4.6 years and when BLS drills down to sales and related occupations the number drops to 3.4 years. While I understand this is not specific to content marketing I’ve included the data as it supports the trend for higher turnover in related positions, thus supporting the other data my research discovered.
  6. According to Mesh Agency 62% of companies outsource (rather than in house employees) content marketing.
  7. Average CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) tenure is 45 months.
    I have provided links to the above data sources which contain additional detail to this summary.

Based on the information I obtained it appears the demand for content marketers is currently high and expected to increase. According to additional information obtained from the Continuing & Career Education Assumption College

  1. “The top skill sets companies are hiring for this year are digital/social (54%), content creation (44%), big data/analytics (33%) and mobile strategy (30%), Mondo found.”
  2. “68% of organizations now have a separate budget for digital marketing”
  3. “A recent study by AdAge states that 80% of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budget over the next 12-18 months”
    Finally, although I do not know your intended use of the turnover rate information requested I did want to share some of the other content marketing specific resources I found while researching this for you. There are a significant amount of recent data/statics and information available relative to many aspects of content marketing. If you are interested in additional content marketing insights I would encourage you to take a look at the information within the links provided.

Again, thank you for inquiring with Wonder to determine the average turnover period for digital marketers is 12-18 months based on my research. I hope this information along with the other resources and data I located is helpful in advancing your initiative(s) which compelled this question. Please feel free to ask Wonder again if you have any more questions.



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I’ll definitely be using Wonder again. Currently it costs around $20 a question unless you buy in bulk.

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