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Move faster with an experienced team

Expertise, agility, and custom strategies converge to not only amplify your growth but also offer a steadfast support system for your marketing needs.

Ray Wong


“Hunter & Bard has been instrumental in helping us build our branding and marketing strategy from the ground up. From orchestrating campaigns, to organizing events, to writing and designing a full suite of marketing materials, the H&B team has worked with us hand-in-hand.

“Shira and her team take the time to investigate and understand even the most cutting edge and complex technologies like ours so they can be true partners in helping us deliver our product to the world.”

Effortless marketing, steady growth

From startup to scale-up, Hunter & Bard is your marketing powerhouse.

Our MTaaS program pairs you with a fractional CMO and a dedicated team to ignite brand awareness and solidify key relationships from day one.

We cut through the noise, delivering quality over quantity and nurturing your business’s success. With our award-winning team, you’ll access full-agency expertise on a fixed budget, letting you chase leads and expand your presence without the overhead.

How we do it? We know what works:


We take the time to research and understand both your potential customers, as well as your competitors. This lets us conduct a useful gap analysis and needs assessment as we help you set achievable goals.


By targeting the right accounts at the right companies, we help your potential clients see that you understand their market and their needs. We help nurture your relationships through outreach and maximize your impact at conferences and events.


Working as members of your team, our strategy always puts your goals first. And with an experienced team that comes fully formed and ready to hit the ground running, you save time on staffing and onboarding new team members.


Our rigorous, research-heavy, fact-based writing is always directed to the correct audience. Based in engineering principles, our award-winning design is built to connect with technical readers.


Short term wins are not enough. We help you at both the top and bottom of the marketing funnel — pushing awareness, while also guiding through the intent and evaluation stages. This two-pronged approach sets you up to close deals quickly now, but also to build a lasting program for years to come.

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