SaaStock SF 2019 takeaways

SaaStock SF 2019 takeaways

The hyper growth of SaaS companies comes with some exciting, but tough challenges. Last week at SaaStock West Coast a community of over 400 founders, executives, and investors came together in San Francisco, CA to address some common challenges. While our CEO Shira Abel took the stage as master of ceremony, the Hunter & Bard team collected key quotes from speakers and takeaways from attendees. Here’s what we found:


“There’s a step or action in your product that translates into the ‘aha moment’ when a customer starts to see value that leads to long-term retention. Focus on finding that moment and tailor your onboarding to help more customers get there.”

Shane Murphy-Reuter, SVP Marketing at Intercom


“If we’re honest with ourselves, what we know about our customers comes from conversations with them or exit survey that sit in silos. You need to build a systematic approach to understand why customers leaving, so you can act.”

Guy Marion, CEO & co-founder of Brightback


“For us, churn occurs on the inflection point where customers want to get back to old habits.”

Jason Reichl, Co-founder of Go Nimbly


“Revenue streams should be included as a metric for marketing. Don’t wait for it to go to sales. Right now the focus is on clicks and conversion, but revenue needs to be included. Revenue matters.”

Ziad Tleimat, CEO & Founder of TeamRunner


“First time founders are always obsessed with their product, but the biggest problem is how do you get the product to people? Founders need to focus on distribution: How do you reach the people who need this product? How do you let people know you exist? It’s so easy to fall into being completely product focused, but we need to also think seriously about distribution.”

— Arjuna Del Toso, COO and VP of Engineering at Evensi


“It’s been great to hear from companies on what challenges they are facing: for example, how do they scale effectively? How do they increase their revenue? It’s been really interesting to see everyone come together as a community and address these challenges.”

— Monica Jacob, Marketing Communications Manager at Chargify


Thank you again to SaaStock West Coast for a great experience jam-packed with actionable insights. Can’t wait for next year!


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