The secret to running a SaaS social media account

The secret to running a SaaS social media account

“Consistency” is more than a tasting note for a delicious fudge brownie, it’s the secret to running your company’s social media presence.

Did you know that you can schedule your posts in advance to deploy throughout the week?

Some of the frequent mistakes our specialists notice are firms that are active on Facebook and Twitter while ignoring their other accounts, or companies that are active for a short burst of time then let their social accounts go dormant. Social media accounts offer unprecedented access to your audience, and allows you to build reciprocity and trust over time by sharing important news articles and industry information.

Think of the sites that you rely on to get up-to-date information. Imagine if you were accustomed to getting news and updates from a brokerage firm and they took a few weeks off. The lack of information could have a dramatic impact on your portfolio, and in that time you may choose to switch to a more reliable source.

The same principle applies to your target audience. They don’t know that your team is overburdened this month and plans to catch up with social media in a few weeks. All they experience is the radio silence that accompanies a lack of pre-planning in your social media efforts. There are multiple services that offer scheduled updates, such as HubSpot, HootSuite or Buffer.

As a best practice, spend a few hours at the top of each week making sure your social media pipelines are full.

Your social media accounts are another way to reinforce your brand message. Think of your brand as a personality, and share topics and events that are appropriate for your audience. Make sure your accounts are set with your proper company logo and an appropriate image to represent your brand. For an extreme example, a software that is focused on healthy living would never show a photo of someone smoking a cigarette. Based on the same theory, a software that focused on managing your money wouldn’t discuss the top 10 luxury vacation destinations.

Make sure the messages are not too ‘salesy’ or self-serving. It’s fine to mention your product’s new features or promote your attendance at a major industry event, but the majority of your posts should focus on information that is valuable to your target audience.

Social media is not only a great place to advertise and engage, but a great place to listen. What sort of things are your followers and customers saying? What pain points are they mentioning?

Don’t underestimate the value of the 1-to-1 contact available through social media. Ask your audience questions and allow them to vote for product feature improvements. Host interactive contests and promote the winner on your sites. Offer special discounts to your loyal followers or offer a bonus if they refer other clients.

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