The psychology of marketing

The psychology of marketing

There is a social science to marketing. We try to get inside the mind of our target market and using that information along with statistical research create a persona based on our results. The only way for people to remember us is by capturing their attention. We use catchy titles and eye grabbing pictures just to even get them to notice us. This all happens with quality marketing. It is followed by superior content. With great content you can achieve a positive and successful viral status. If you don’t have the content then you will not be able to make the impact you are working towards.

What is quality marketing?

Think about the last book you read. What made    you pick up that book from the shelf? If you are like me the picture caught your   eye and made you read the summary. They say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but let’s be honest, so often we put down books because of their cover, or don’t even pick them up. Now you’ve found your book, read the cover flap, and have decided you want to read this book. But the book doesn’t live up to its expectations and you put it down. That’s bad content hidden in quality marketing. But who would recommend a book they couldn’t even finish? For the whole package you need a great cover, a captivating summary, and a book you can’t put down. You need a good product that is worthy of marketing.

But we haven’t mentioned one point. When the reader was browsing the book titles they were already in the genre of their choice. So let’s say you are marketing baby products, your content will be relevant to new parents, friends looking to buy baby gifts, or proud grandparents. If you’re selling high fashion business attire, you would expect a company’s CEO to be browsing your site, not a stay at home mom. This is why we create a persona of the customer. Your product chooses your target demographic and your mind gives them a personality. We delve into who they are and how they got there. We learn what they like and dislike and how they show that. Once we know that we can effectively create content. Our CEO, Shira Abel developed the Behavioral Engineering Canvas, BEC, to help us answers these questions.

Getting into people’s heads is more than just personifying your customer, it’s about making your content interesting, readable, and attention grabbing. Think about pictures and how they capture the eye. Titles to make you laugh and want to know more. And even how to express your personality while maintaining a professional stance.

Ask yourself why are people reading what you write? How are you making yourself relevant? Because relevance is what content is all about. If you did your homework correctly you would know that you are hitting your target market and your product is what they want. So what is it about your product that draws them in? There’s the relevance. There’s the moment where you grab your audience and you don’t let them go. There are different tools we use to capture their attention such as catchy titles, eye-grabbing pictures, and bullet points. But you need to have excellent content before we can begin.

Psychology is the study of the human mind, especially in how it affects our behavior. Without psychology, marketing would not exist. It is a powerful tool that we need to understand. Understanding the psychology of marketing is the first to step to top quality marketing.

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