Our Favorite 5 AI Marketing Tools Right Now and Why

Our Favorite 5 AI Marketing Tools Right Now and Why

Every day another 3756 AI tools are launched to the market, give or take 73. Yes, we’re in an AI bubble, but that doesn’t mean that AI is irrelevant or hype. It just means that too many businesses are being started that are simply wrappers of the real technology and don’t have enough value to stand the course of time. Those companies will eventually die off, and when that happens it will feel like the dotcom bubble burst of 2000 all over again.

In my opinion AI will completely change the way organizations are run. Just like machinery in a factory automating tasks, AI will make strategy, research, and writing faster. It will be the editor and the colleague helping us brainstorm. Just as ChatGPT 4 is a world of difference from Chat GPT3.5, Chat GPT 5 will be an insane improvement on GPT4.

The key about all of the generative AI platforms is that the results you get are directly related to your level of expertise and the prompt you put in. Being a “prompt engineer” isn’t as helpful as being an expert and learning how to craft a prompt, which is a relatively simple process if you’re an expert in a subject. 

My favorite prompt framework comes from Trust Insights Chris Penn:

  • Role
  • Action
  • Context
  • Execute

Here’s a real example of a prompt I’ve used recently in Perplexity.ai: “You’re a senior events designer. Look up Stessa Cohen who worked at Gartner and is a Fintech expert and Shira Abel and suggest workshops they could create and sell together.” (I don’t have to qualify myself as I am the only person with my name.)

We’re using AI daily at Hunter & Bard. Mainly for internal process mapping, data analysis, and image creation. These are the tools we use the most right now:

1. Marketing: Chat GPT 4 (Paid)

I use ChatGPT4 almost daily. It’s written a grad school recommendation letter for one of my Marketing for Technology Startups students, mapped out a process that I had in my head and wanted organized, and even helped me put together an outline of a plan I am working on. 

Things to Know

  • Get the paid version for $20 a month. 
  • It’s great at asking questions to help you find holes in things. Throw your documents in and ask it what’s missing.
  • Check everything. Never trust any information given. All things must be fact checked. Hallucinations are real.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t learn new things after its latest update. If you’re looking for trends, there are better platforms. 
  • Not great at reading PDFs. 
  • Can make your own GPTs and it’s relatively simple to do. I’ve created an internal one for Hunter & Bard to help level up our team decision making. 

2. Marketing: Gemini Advanced (2 months free)

This is new and already worth it. Want a spreadsheet made so you can import it into Google Spreadsheets? Yup, you can do that here. 

Things to Know

  • Get the paid version for $20 a month (first 2 months free). 
  • Google search integration, which is insanely powerful and up to date.
  • Is constantly evolving – this with the Google integration are two key differentiators from Chat GPT4. 
  • Multi-modal expertise.
  • Aims for speed and efficiency with a wider range of outputs.
  • Not available for business accounts yet.

3. Design: Adobe Firefly 

The only ethical solution on the market as its trained the engine through public domain work and Adobe’s stock image library. This means it’s not the best solution, as it has a smaller dataset to train from. We use this occasionally to create images for decks. AI images are obvious, so our design team uses it sparingly. 

Things to know

  • Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, subscription required.
  • Can edit images as well as create. For the purposes of this post we’re focusing on the creation aspect.
  • Can learn your preferences and stay true to your look and feel.
  • Commercial use allowed.
  • Images are generated with metadata to indicate their AI-assisted origin.

4. Marketing: Perplexity.ai

We use Perplexity.ai for research of all types. It’s different from Google as it’s not limited to a single search engine. I’ve been using for research since it gives attribution to each fact (significantly easier to check and the information is up-to-date).

  • Haven’t had the need for the paid version as of yet.
  • Fantastic for research, the best I’ve used by far. I love the integration with Co-Pilot.
  • Prioritizes in-depth explanations. providing summaries and citations to back up its research. It is meant to be an enterprise platform, so its research and data analysis are top notch.
  • Gives clear terms for business use, so IP is less of a concern (there’s a reason why Gemini will not allow a Google Suite email to purchase yet.)
  • Content research, content research, content research.
  • A lot of the information on the search is old, and some of it is wrong (I was a consultant for AXA Tech, spoke at the SKO for Allianz, consultant for eToro, journalist for TNW…) but it at least gave me something.

   5. Copywriters: Claude.ai (Paid)

I’ve been told by too many people that they use Claude.ai to augment their writing to not mention it here. That’s a double negative and I’m keeping it. You get my point.

  • $20 a month.
  • Augments your copywriting and content marketing.
  • Was able to confirm that the first sentence above contained a double negative, while Gemini told me it didn’t know who Claude was.
  • This was what I used to write the grad school recommendation letter for my student.
  • If you write, I personally recommend Claude.ai

Things to Know About AI

They hallucinate. You cannot just plug things in and assume all of the information is 100% correct, period. From what I understand this will remain. As such, we don’t have to worry about them replacing humans, even if they are making things significantly faster.  
AI really is the gamechanger that marketers are saying it will be. Don’t wait to learn how to harness the power of generative AI. To become an expert at using something you need to spend time on it. The longer you wait, the further behind you will be.

Note: The image above was created by Midjourney, a personal favorite.

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